Engines Orchestra | Lifecycles – Out Now!
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Lifecycles – Out Now!

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Today’s the day! The Engines Orchestra’s debut collaboration Lifecycles is now officially released on the Engines Imprint! We’ve been overwhelmed by your support for this project so far and we’re stoked to be able to let you hear what we’ve been getting up to! It’s been over a year in the making and we’ve been working hard in collaboration with the Phil Meadows Group to create an album we’re all truly proud of. If you haven’t heard it yet click here (or scroll down) and in the mean time here’s a little bit more information about the new suite of music written by Meadows himself.


‘Lifecycles explores a series of situations that we all experience. The people we meet, love and lose shape our emotional responses. They define our headspace, alter our moral compass and leave us beautifully confused as we choose our pathways through life. Control is a state of mind as faith, politics and science try and rationalise a society bigger than any individual. Nothing is tangible apart from the present and it’s the way we choose to react in the moment that defines who we are and shapes the Lifecycles we lead and those we remember.’

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