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eO Presents Needs You!

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eO Presents is a brand new concert series bringing musicians closer to audiences through ‘professional show and tell’. To make this happen the Engines Orchestra are looking for a team of volunteers to come together to bring it to life. Providing a platform for small ensembles (jazz, classical, world and folk) to perform, talk and take questions about their music from the public we’re looking for four people to contribute their ideas and help set up what promises to be an exciting new addition to the London music scene.


All we’re asking for are two hours of your time 6-8pm, once a month on a Thursday in central London to meet, discuss and develop eO Presents. The only other availability needed will be on the night of the performances – where your ideas come to light! We’re looking to bring together a mixture of ages, experiences and backgrounds so don’t worry if it’s not something you’ve done before – it’s supposed to be a new, fun adventure for all involved!


Are you interested in becoming a part of our volunteer community?  If so, please answer the following questions and send them in an e-mail to our project manager Natasha Thomas (natasha.thomas@enginesorchestra.com) and remember, we’re looking to make a team that gets on well and no experience is required! Deadline is January 1st.


Name and age.


What do you do during the day? – (a job, a student, unemployed or retired)


What music do you enjoy listening too? (genre, artists, albums…)


What made you interested in volunteering to help this project?


What would you like to learn from helping develop eO Presents?


Have you any experience you feel may be useful to this project? (remember this isn’t necessary!)

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