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eO New Home At The Vortex

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We’re very excited to announce we have officially moved our eO home to one of the UK’s premier jazz venues – The Vortex! A huge thank you to Oliver and The Vortex team for having us, we’re incredibly grateful for the space and we cannot wait to make some exciting projects happen from here (although we will miss Phil’s dining room!). If you’re in the Dalston area, we’d love for you to pop in for a cuppa and say hello! For now here’s a few words from Phil Meadows our Artistic Director and The Vortex General Manager Kathianne Hingwan.


“The Engines Orchestra are incredibly excited to be moving our office into one of our favourite live music venues. For years The Vortex has been renowned for their forward thinking approach as one of the best contemporary music venues in the UK. It’s been the spiritual and musical home for the development of many of our musicians and a place where we come to check out some of the best musicians the world has to offer. It’s a real honour to begin our partnership with them as we take our next step in cementing our place on the UK music scene!” Phil Meadows, eO Artistic Director


“The Vortex Team is delighted that the dynamic Engines Orchestra is joining us at the Vortex Jazz Club. The orchestra features some of the UK’s finest young musicians many of whom perform at the Vortex in various configurations. We hope it will be a very fruitful and enduring partnership giving birth to many exciting projects and collaborations”. The Vortex General Manager Kathianne Hingwan

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