Engines Orchestra | BBC Jazz Now: Femi Temowo – TW12 Jazz Festival (July 2016)
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BBC Jazz Now: Femi Temowo – TW12 Jazz Festival (July 2016)

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We’ve been having a lot of fun lately collaborating with Nigerian born guitar hero Femi Temowo. We’ve released his beautiful album The Music is the Feeling at Rich Mix London, played to thousands at Love Supreme Festival (Brighton) and our next stop is the wonderful TW12 Jazz Festival where we’re being recorded by BBC Radio 3′s Jazz Now show.


TW12 Jazz Festival is a relatively new one, now in it’s fourth instalment and ran by two of London’s most cherished musicians we couldn’t be more excited to be heading to the Hampton Hill Theatre on Sunday July 24th to close their three day musical celebration. In the build up to the show Femi and Phil Meadows (our artistic director) have been chatting to the Jazz Now team about all things Nigerian, all things TW12 and all things collaborative. Tickets are available for the TW12 gig  here and you can follow the link below to hear all about the collaboration.


Click to hear Femi Temowo and Phil Meadows talk all things Nigerian with BBC Radio 3′s Jazz Now.

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